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Professional cell phone jammer devices, video camera jammers, detectors and remote control duplicators. professional cell phone jammer specialist. Wireless Spy Secret Service Earpiece,Hobby Metal detector,GPS/GSM Jammer,Bug  detector,Wireless listen device

How to produce CTS-1000H?  Портативный-сигнала-GPS-подавитель


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C.T.S TECHNOLOGY CO., LIMITED is an international market leading supplier of cell phone jamming products(The first manufacture of GPS Jammer in China), we supply all markets in both the trade and  manufacture. We were incorporated in 2001 and have many thousands of satisfied customers in all corners of the world. We are based   in the CN and we supply by Fedex Priority services/DHL/UPS/TNT directly to our customers and also via our chain of distributors.

For security, surveillance, spy & privacy, C.T.S offers both the discreet pocket cell phone jammer or the high powered versions, video camera\blue    tooth jammers, detectors and car remote duplicators. Our cell phone blockers and detectors are currently used in many schools, prisons and by  bomb squads all over the world.   (We are the first manufacture of many products in China,eg GPS Jammer,we   produce long time use Cell phone jammers


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